Jeep Boat Jeep service between Arenal and Monteverde

This daily transportation service  service takes you and your luggage from  the reception of your to the door of your next destination, quickly and easily.  Enjoy the beauty of the Arenal Volcano, a boat ride on the Arenal lake, take pictures to the mountains and villages on the route.  Arrive on time without complications and be ready  to continue  enjoying your vacation in Costa Rica.

This is the fastest and a very scenic way to travel between the Arenal Vocano and the cloud forests of Monteverde. Plus, you get to have a fun and scenic boat ride on Lake Arenal and see gorgeous views of Lake Arenal!

Originally known as Jeep Boat Jeep, due to difficult access road at the time. It was only possible to make this journey by four-wheel drive vehicles. Today, the roads have improved slightly, but our operation has fully equipped modern buses. Our  team of expert drivers, have several years of experience as well the vehicles are subject to regulatory technical review twice a year, in addition to all licenses and policies that Costa Rican law requires for the safe transportation of tourists.

DEPARTS: 8:00am / 2:00pm.

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La Fortuna

La FortunaLa Fortuna La Fortuna de San Carlos is at the center of a series of geological wonders. The nearby Arenal is the most active volcano in Costa Rica, routinely overflowing with lava and ash, and the La Fortuna Waterfall is a waterfall that springs from a seventy-meter cliff. La Fortuna is the community of Tito Read more

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